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Participating in Local and National Conversations

MORPC Summit on Sustainability
Have you ever wondered about the economic impacts of reducing, reusing or recycling waste?

To address this question, SWACO developed a session for MORPC’s Summit on Sustainability entitled Turning Waste into Wealth; Growing our Circular Economy.

During this October 21 session attendees will learn why these activities are so important to the health of our communities and economy.

A panel of experts, including Rumpke Recycling, Goodwill Columbus and Community Plates, will share real examples unfolding in Central Ohio, and discuss opportunities and challenges for increasing the local impacts such as jobs and revenues, as well as the environmental and community benefits.

Visit MORPC.org for more information about the MORPC Summit on Sustainability and the October 21 session.

Municipal Roundtable
SWACO, in conjunction with the National Recycling Coalition and Austin Resource Recovery, recently convened a national roundtable at the Resource Recycling Conference in New Orleans.

Waste management authorities, city recycling coordinators, and other stakeholders from around the country, took part in a moderated conversation, facilitated by Resource Recycling Systems.

The program included:
• Best practices in waste reduction and diversion strategies and why they work
• How to overcome key challenges
• How to leverage peer-to-peer relationships to encourage widespread adoption of best practices

Participants provided examples of applied best practice in their communities and inquired about programs their community wanted to learn more about.

Discussion included best practices such as:
• Reuse programming such as online materials exchanges (Austin Resource Recovery)
• Legal assistance with contracting solid waste and recycling services (SWACO)
• Enforcement tools to deal with illegal dumping (St. Tammany Parish)
• Measuring economic impact of diversion (City of San Antonio)
• Building a ‘culture of recycling’ (Orange County Solid Waste Management)
• Common issues such as contamination, regionalism, solidifying education and messages in high turn-over populations

Quarterly conference calls and focus groups will continue the discussion surrounding challenges and best practice sharing.

Diversion-related resources are available from the Association of Counties and the EPA’s “Managing and Transforming Waste Streams” toolkit for communities.

The City of Grove City recently kicked off the GroveCity2050 initiative to update the city’s plans and policies to proactively shape where and how the city grows.

As a member of the Steering Committee, SWACO Executive Director Ty Marsh will represent SWACO’s operations to contribute and strengthen the economic vitality of the city and the region.

For more information on the initiative visit www.GroveCity2050.org.