Valentine's Day - Turn Red Into Green

Tips for keeping your Valentine's Day celebration easy on your wallet and the Earth. Read More »

SWACO Lowers Rate to Dispose of Waste

Following a three-month public process, the SWACO Board of Trustees approved a proposal to reduce the landfill tipping... Read More »

New Logo Helps Further SWACO as a Community Resource

SWACO has an updated brand – a new logo and tagline to assist with strengthening SWACO’s visual... Read More »

Executive Director Update: Ty Marsh

As we begin the New Year, I’d like to briefly reflect on recent accomplishments, share our enthusiasm for the... Read More »

New Grant Programs Divert Waste

SWACO is working hard to make central Ohio a leader by turning up the volume on issues involving diversion and waste... Read More »

Take Waste Out of the Environment

Plastic bags and household hazardous waste have one thing in common – they can be easily recycled. Franklin... Read More »

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Valentine's Day - Turn Red Into Green

Make Homemade Sweets – Package them in a reusable container or decorate a recycled box

Eat Locally Grown Food – Visit a local restaurant that offers locally grown or organic food, or stay close to home and dine in

Give Flowers that Last – Give a potted plant or flower that can be planted outside in the spring…tulips or hydrangeas perhaps?

Get the Kids Involved – Teach the next generation to reduce waste by using recycled materials for Valentines and crafts

Get Creative – Make unique cards by reusing photos paper and used cards. Better yet, send an e-card

Pass on an Heirloom – Give a special gift with meaning and memories

Recycle Valentine’s Flowers – Compost them, or save and press them to make stationary or other crafts