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New Logo Helps Further SWACO as a Community Resource

SWACO has an updated brand – a new logo and tagline to assist with strengthening SWACO’s visual... Read More »

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New Logo Helps Further SWACO as a Community Resource

Since 2013, SWACO has been undergoing a transformation to become a better community resource for waste reduction, diversion and safe disposal. During that time, the organization established a new vision and mission statement and new strategic goals to move the organization forward. SWACO also undertook several strategic assessments to increase operational efficiencies and effectiveness, including a recommendation to implement or change nearly 400 policies of which more than half have been completed and all have commenced. 

Now, the organization has an updated brand – a new logo and tagline to assist with strengthening SWACO’s visual recognition and build better awareness of programs and services.

SWACO’s new brand has a bold, fresh color palette using primarily blues and greens because of their close association with recycling, sustainability and the environment.

The new brand also includes an updated tagline From Waste to Resources.

For a copy of the new logo click this link or the new brand guidelines (PDF), or  contact SWACO's Communications Manager at hanna.greer-brown@swaco.org or at 614-801-6419.